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Why Open Source Software?

-The liquidity is better.
-Open source software can be used and changed at will.
-Can be inspected for bugs or malicious code.
-It avoids cumbersome license agreements.
-Free is good.

Why Linux?

-Remote Access to command line

Why Apache?

Apache is the most widely used web server on the Internet. It works well with PHP. Its proven code.

Why MySQL?

MySQL is easy to use and fast. There are database servers that are more powerful than MySQL, but for this application it has more than enough power. MySQL is under heavy development and is well supported.

Why PHP?

PHP is a scripting language that runs on the server and can be coded into your HTML text files. The PHP script is processed before serving the page to the client. PHP has a very rich library of functions that will not limit your applications. It has the ability to create images on the fly.

What version of Linux should I use?

We test using Ubuntu Desktop. You are free to choose the version that works best for you.

The available interface programs do not cover my application. Can I develop my own programs to capture the data?

Sure. You can modify our programs to suite your applications or write your own from scratch. If you think you code would be useful to others consider making it available.

Why is HTTP used to update the database

HTTP gives you many advantages.
-data can be validated on the server before entering the database
-Most firewalls allow HTTP(port 80) traffic.
-SSL can be used to encrypt data between client and server
-Web Browsers have been written for most operating system so you can develop client applications on the OS of your choice

Microsoft Windows?

Some of the programs may work since PHP and MySQL have been ported to the Microsoft platform. Some changes would have to be made.

How many records can the client PC buffer

The maximum number of records depends on available disk space and the number of file handles(Inodes) you have available. There are usually more than 100000 inodes available. The idea is not store data on the client. The records should be moving tho the server on a regular basis.
   df -i 
will display the number of Inodes available
will display disk space usage

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