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Frontier Data System
To extract use this command (Linux/UNIX)
  tar -xvf filename.tar

Data Collection


XMLparse was designed to be a universal program for monitoring the status of data over time. It expects to receive
XML encoded data via the RS232 port once every second. It has the ability to monitor 240 bits and 255 numbers on 255 different stations. When data changes it creates a time stamped record of the change. In cases where you have control of the RS232 output, you can send data in XML to identify the type and origin of the data and capture it easily (See XMLparse details).


HTTPparse was designed to capture information from a web page. This program polls a Dachstein LEAF Firewall and records the current sent and received bytes with a timestamp. It should be setup to run at regular intervals using cron. Time stamped records can be found under records/ (See
Web Page Monitoring).

Data Transfer


The sync.cpp program is responsible for sending the records to the server then deleting the records. The program first gets the file names of 100 or less files(records) and then uses the Lynx browser to send them via an HTTP post to the server. If the server successfully receives and process the record it sends the file name back in the body of the web page and sync.exe(sync.cpp) deletes the record on the client. Sync.exe needs to be set up in the crontab to run at desired intervals.


Sync.php is a PHP script that receives the records from the sync.exe (sync.cpp) program on the client. When the data is received it verifies each record. If the data exists in the database already or is successfully inserted into the database, the file name is sent back to the client in the body of the web page to be deleted.

Data Mining


A simple PHP script that searches a database table and reports the number of records that match the criteria(See
Event Counting).


This program creates a image that plots events on a time line. Frequency is calculated between each event and drawn with a line(See
Frequency Chart).


Label for frequency chart.


This program creates a image that shows the on/off status of several bits over time(See
Range Chart).


Label for range chart.


Displays daily and monthly totals for sent and received traffic though a firewall(see
Firewall Traffic Chart).



Collection of functions that are commonly used. Should be located in /home/data/private/

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